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Skills elevate careers


Do you really understand the skills of your firm’s talent pool to drive your business growth?

Our research shows that 95% of companies do not. Company leaders often know the skills of a few top performers but have only a general feel of the skills needed to drive returns. They hold senior managers accountable for results and often don’t know the specifics around skills. This makes it challenging to confidently invest and divest of skills to get intended results. As a leader, you need to strategically align your business goals and ensure your team has the skills to execute and create value for your firm.

TeamFit now gives you the insight on skills throughout your organization. One that you can act on.

Win Business—Use your company’s track record to beat out the competition and win more work.

Deliver Business—Get to revenue and ROI faster for your customer. Improve your customer lifetime value.

Grow Business—Build capabilities, optimize how skills are used, understand when to tap into your extended talent pool.

Engage Your People—Let your people signal their own skill and development priorities. Improve transparency on how they can contribute and reduce attrition.

Build the right team to get the job done. Find the best people inside and outside your firm. Get your people more engaged to perform better.

Resource Managers


You have to get the right people on teams quickly. The success of the business depends on it. To do this job well, you need to balance competing priorities; not every team can have all the best people. While maintaining high utilization ratios, you also need to put people on projects that will enable them to develop their skills and make them more valuable.

TeamFit helps Resource Managers make better choices

The two key tools for Resource Managers are SkillMaps and Profiles. Get the information your need to build your team to make better allocation choices for your company. Know where to develop and build competency to deliver exception project work.


See the full range of skills across your company. Search for latent skills that are not being leveraged and emergent skills that are emerging in demand. Understand the picture of skills a person has, how they are being used ,and what skills the person should develop.


Profiles help you understand the people inside and outside your company you could bring into your projects.

TeamFit is designed to help you develop your resources with skills that matter for your firm.

Project Managers

Your Challenges

You are responsible for your project success. Sometimes you can pick your team, sometimes you have to work with who you are given. Understanding people’s experience, their skills and aspirations is critical.  TeamFit complements your existing project management tools by giving you deep insight into the skills your team has and the skills you need for project success.

TeamFit Helps the Project Manager Build Teams

Use TeamFit to build your team, understand their skills and to find additional people with the skills you need. Build the skills requirements for your project and see how well the skills you need are covered.

TeamFit Helps the Project Manager Understand Teams & Risks

Organization & Personal SkillMaps—See the skills of your organization and what projects they are being used on. Look closer to see individual skills and how these are being applied.

Project Records & Skill Sharing—Browse through your organization’s or an individual’s project history. See who worked on which projects and what skills were applied.

TeamBuilder & TeamFit Score—Know the TeamFit score for your team. You want to see TeamFit improve over the course of a project as people develop their skills while working together.

TeamFit lets you quickly see what are the most common skills, who has these skills and what projects they are being used on.

Project Record & Skill Sharing—Check the skills and work experiences of your team members. Many of the people on your team will have skills you are not aware of. Don’t miss out on opportunities. Get people to know each other’s skills.


Demonstrate the skills you have and the skills you are building. Make your skills visible to your company and your colleagues. Get on the projects that will take your career to the next level. Use TeamFit to Energize Your Career.

Your Challenges

Building your skills is critical to your career. You do this by working on projects. Great projects with great people. You need to be able to demonstrate the skills you have and the skills you are building: to your teammates, to your managers and to the wider world. Evidence of your skills is critical to your career.

TeamFit helps your career

Get better control of your career. In a world of rapid change you are responsible for developing and publicizing your skills and expertise and for using this to get on the projects that best suit you. Keep a record of the projects you have worked on and use this to validate your skills. Indicate what skills you want to develop and apply to projects. Get a deeper understanding of the skills in your company and how they are being applied

Don’t limit your use of TeamFit to your job. Add in side projects, charity work and learning projects. You will get better work and be more successful by showing a wider range of skills and projects.

Your TeamFit Profile can travel with you across your career. It is not trapped within your company’s systems (although your company may need to limit visibility of project records for security and privacy reasons). It is one of the critical resources you can use to get work and build your reputation.

TeamFit recognizes that the people who have the best knowledge of your skills are your peers and the people you work with.  In many cases, our teammates have insights into our skills that we lack. Suggest skills to your teammates and ask them to suggest skills for you.

Companies use TeamFit to find people for project teams, to understand what skills people have and want to develop and to plan how to build capability. With TeamFit, you have more insight into the skills you need.

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Understanding the skills you have and the skills you need shouldn’t be so hard.
TeamFit can quickly and precisely give you the skill insights you have always wanted.