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Achieve strategic growth
What is TeamFit Skill Insight?

TeamFit’s Skill Insight consulting makes sure you have the right mix of skills to reach your strategic objectives. We analyze key business objectives and map these to the skills your team has to execute. We reveal skill gaps and show you where you can make better use of your people.


Skill Action Plan to address skill gaps
Skill SWOT to show Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats
Skill Gap Analysis to see where there are present and future skill gaps
Strategic Skill Matrix to understand skills you should develop and can capitalize on
Skill Map of your company, teams and people


Contact us if your organization would benefit from knowing if it has the skills it needs to achieve its goals. A one-year subscription to the TeamFit platform is part of a Skill Insight engagement.

Skill Insight for Design Thinking

Design Thinking has been a topic of growing interest to businesses for the past decade. Influential books such as Change by Design by Tim Brown of IDEO in 2009 and The Design of Business by then Rotman School of Management Dean Roger Martin in the same year sparked the imagination of business people in many industries.

Interest continues to grow. The LinkedIn Design Thinking group now has more than 93,000 members and a search on LinkedIn for ‘design thinking’ returns results for more than one million people and 18,000 companies.

  • What skills are really required to apply design thinking?
  • How is design thinking being applied and who is doing the work?
  • Is design thinking one thing or many?

As the leading skill management platform and a company dedicated to design thinking itself TeamFit has decided to find out.

Take the Survey

Have my company join the research

We are doing this in four ways. We have launched a major survey Design Thinking Skills and Applications. We are working with selected design companies to understand their own skill profiles. We are sampling the skills of people in the LinkedIn Design Thinking Group. Finally, we are working with thought leaders and industry professionals to get a deeper understanding of their skills and how they apply them to their work.

More on Design Thinking

Skill Insight for Mergers & Acquisitions

TeamFit Can Make Your Merger a Success

Mergers and acquisitions are high risk activities, especially for companies where the value is in people’s skills and relationships. The critical success factors are:

  • Understanding the skills and relationships of the key people
    You cannot judge who the key people are from the org chart. You need real insight into skills and how they are being applied.
  • Identifying the patterns of complementary and connecting skills
    These are the skills that are needed to build synergies and bring the two operations together.
  • Finding the hidden potential
    It is the unexpected connections that drive the real value in many combinations. A new context can provide an opportunity for unrecognized or underused skills to surface.

TeamFit’s Artificial Intelligence, AI, gives insight into these critical skill sets, showing you who has the skills that matter and how they combine to deliver work. Delve into each organization, identify real synergies and risks, and develop a plan that will assure success.

Get the White Paper “Manage Critical Personnel Skill Risks in M&A”
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Read more about Skill Insight and M&A on our blog.

Skill Insight and Client-In Differentiation

In professional services, it is the people’s skills that drive performance and create value.

Good professional services firms invest in understanding their own skills and the skills of their competitors. This is Company-Out Skill Differentiation.

The best firms go beyond this to understand how their skills fit together with their clients. This is Client-In Skill Differentiation.


Watch this twelve minute video to see how client-in skill differentiation works for the leading design firms IDEO and Frog Design. Read more about client-in skill differentiation, beginning with our blog:
Client-In Strategic Differentiation – a conversation with Brian Conlin

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Understanding the skills you have and the skills you need shouldn’t be so hard.
TeamFit can quickly and precisely give you the skill insights you have always wanted.