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Optimize your team
TeamFit Platform

TeamFit provides a view of the actual skills applied to roles and on specific projects.

Skills are the currency of your business.

 TeamFit creates more value with skills:

  • Understand the skills of the people you need to get work done
  • Find people with the right mix of expertise to deliver projects
  • Acquire the skills that are in growing demand

Achieve better outcomes with TeamFit:

  • Demonstrate your capabilities to win more work
  • Build better project teams faster than your competitors
  • See what skill are in most demand in your organization

The TeamFit SaaS Platform combines machine learning with social information to provide insight about people, projects, skills and outcomes.

TeamFit Metrics

TeamFit generates four critical metrics to help you driver performance.

These metrics measure the an individual’s level of expertise on skills and then uses this to see how will an individual fits the requirements of a role or team and how well the team as a whole meets the requirements of a project.

TeamFit metrics optimize project success:

SkillRank® is a measure of expertise based on the Dreyfus scale. A Bayesian machine learning network is used to evaluate many types of evidence of expertise. See where to improve capabilities.

RoleMatch™ is a measure of how well a group of people meet the requirements of a specific role (we allow more than one person to be assigned to a role). Improve team effectiveness and utilization.

TeamMatch® is a measure of how well an individual meets the requirements of a team and how much that individual is likely to contribute to team performance. Get the best person for the job.

TeamFit® is a measure of how well a group of people meet a project’s requirements and will evolve into a prediction of team performance. Get better project results.

TeamFit Data Supply Chain

TeamFit pulls data from many different sources to build its Skill Graph. This gives a rich and dynamically updated skill taxonomy and accurate assessment of competency.

Data sources include social interactions on the TeamFit platform, social media feeds, integrations with Talent Management and Human Capital Management Platforms and Project Management Platforms.

Individuals can add evidence for any skill they claim, be this certifications, publications, training courses or of course the projects where they have used the skill.

The TeamFit Skill Map & Skill Graph

The TeamFit Skill Map is a visual representation of the skills of an individual, team or organization. It is the best way to see what skills are available and how they are being applied.

An individual’s Skill Map is shown below.

The TeamFit Skill Graph is how our data about people, projects, roles and skills is connected. TeamFit use various machine learning techniques to enrich and find patterns in the Skill Graph.

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Understanding the skills you have and the skills you need shouldn’t be so hard.
TeamFit can quickly and precisely give you the skill insights you have always wanted.